At Blooms and Bouquets, we are devoted to making your wedding day dreams a
flawless reality.

We will take the time to listen to your ideas, evaluate your needs and work
with you to create your vision, one that will truly embody the statement you
want to make.  Your experience will begin with a relaxed meeting with one of
our designers to discuss your style and preferences.

Our team will then develop multiple floral designs based on your tastes and
ideas.  After you have selected the perfect design for you, we begin the
creative process. Our attitude from the get-go is that anything is possible
with enough imagination and our results speak for themselves.

A blush of color, a flash of texture, the glow of subtle accoutrements. All
these things inspire us and awaken our artistry, allowing us to make dreams
into reality utilizing a creative palette that knows no boundaries. The
result is a beautiful, living work of art that not only compliments your
wedding day, but awakens the senses.

We hold true to the belief that if you can dream it, you can do it.
Utilizing our blend of cutting-edge style mixed with a healthy dose of
European sophistication, we are ready to take on the challenge of creating
one of a kind floral arrangements and stunning event productions. You
deserve to have the wedding of your dreams.

Now is not the time to go conventional. Find your inspiration, embrace your
inner artist, feel free to break the rules and above all, dream!

Please call ahead or email us to schedule your appointment for a one on one

 About Melissa

Melissa Ryks-Schock founded Blooms and Bouquets in 2007, though her
passion for floral design has kept her immersed in all things flowers since
the age of 14. Her passion for beauty, keen eye for detail and uninhibited
creativity allow her to successfully inspire her brides and help them
fulfill their dreams. As head designer and owner of Blooms and Bouquets,
Melissa ensures that from the first consultation brides are guaranteed
unlimited personal attention and that all details, from consultations and
designing to delivery and setup, will be personally and carefully attended


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